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Our project

Brandsen & Tourgot Executive Search is more than an Executive Search service. We are committed in doing things well and in order to achieve this, we put the candidates at the center of the process, provide our full attention and accompany them in this important process of change, guiding and advicing them every step of the way.

Brandsen & Tourgot Executive Search is a vision of the future, a space where we work for the people. This commitment to excellence gives us the drive and energy everyday to work with all the stakeholders in the market and become a leading actor in the sector.

Brandsen & Tourgot model

 We work under the Anglo-Saxon model identifying professionals with high potential who are willing to consider new projects and make offers to firms or companies that might be interested.

Likewise, we take into account the needs of our customers and make the effort to fully understand what professional profiles they are interested in to make a good fit with:


• The philosophy of the firm.

• The character and way of working of the Members or Directors.

• The profile of the team to which the candidate will be incorporated.

• The professional project offered by the firm or company.

How do we work with our clients?

1. Initial meeting.

2. Signing of a framework agreement which enables us to make the offers of profiles of interest for the firm or company.

3. We work succesfully with all our customers.


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