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There are many professionals who come to us looking for recommendations on various topics:


• Which professional path should they take?

• Is it time to consider a change?

• How can I upgrade my profil in social and professional networks?

• How can I upgrade my CVs and cover letters?

• Should I undertake a training program?


Professionals in active job search, come to us for help regarding:

• What techniques should I apply in an interview?

• How can I start looking for a job?

• Where can I find employment?

• What is the best way to make a first contact?

• Who should I contact?

• What label is the most appropriate?

• What to say, what not to say, how to say it?

¿Y ahora qué?¿Y ahora qué?

For this reason, from Brandsen & Tourgot we offer professionals this new COACHING service where we will work:

•Technical aspects.

•Personal aspects.

•Verbal communication. (How to communicate effectively)

•Non-verbal communication. (What do you really transmit)

We prepare a personalized strategy to develop your career and we guide you during all your journey, all the way to your next professional level.

Our methodology

Personal interview. Identification of requirementsPersonal interview. Identification of requirements

Defining the candidate. Competency based interviewDefining the candidate. Competency based interview

Where we are and where we want to go. The strategyWhere we are and where we want to go. The strategy

What are you really transmitting?What are you really transmitting?

Training to achieve your objectives.Training to achieve your objectives.

Would you like us to guide you  during this new journey?Would you like us to guide you during this new journey?



Latam and southern cone (latin and south america)Latam and southern cone (latin and south america)

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